In order for your body to work optimally without pain or weakness, your spine/pelvis and other joints must be well-aligned and be moving through a smooth, full range of movement. If one area is compromised, it will have a detrimental effect on the rest of the body, leading to symptoms of pain, weakness, pins and needles, swelling and a reduced range of movement.

When you come to the clinic, we will work to re-align all the joints that are compromised, to address your pain and aid your rehabilitation. In other words, we treat the cause and not the effect.


We treat all problems relating to:

Spinal/pelvic injuries
Pelvic girdle and groin pain
Post/ante-natal pain
Work and sport-related injuries affecting all areas of your body

Pain can be caused by :

Trauma related to falls
Over-stretching or impact
Over-use injuries caused by computer work or excessive gym/sports activities
Joint mal-alignments insidiously causing excessive pressure on certain joints, ligaments or muscle

Techniques employed include:

Joint mobilisation/muscle energy/recoil
Massage and acupressure
Electrotherapy including ultrasound, interferential therapy and transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TNS)

Where appropriate we will specify a home exercise programme tailored for each individual

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