Physiotherapy Treatments

Here are a variety of the most common Physiotherapy Treatments which are used by Una in the course of a normal week.It is not an exhaustive list as some people may require more specialised treatment.

Acupuncture – a technique of inserting fine needles into particular points of the body.

It can be used with other treatments to help reduce tissue inflammation and pain and to promote recovery.

Ergonomics in the work place and home – what equipment we need, and in what position it should be used, to avoid muscular strain and repetitive strain injuries.

Interferential therapy – a form of electrotherapy that uses electrical pads and stimulates peripheral nerves at a low frequency without pain and discomfort in the soft tissue.

Joint mobilisation – a precise handling and mobilising of joints of the body. It reduces pain, increases movement, reduces muscle spasm and speeds up recovery.

Massage and acupressure – handling of the soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments, using pressure and stretching movements. It can help improve circulation, reduce stiffness, aid drainage of excess fluid, improve movement, relieve pain and aid relaxation.

Ultrasound – a form of electrotherapy that uses high-frequency sound waves to treat injuries to muscles, tendons and other soft tissues. it stimulates blood circulation and cell activity, speeds up the healing process, reduces scars forming and may provide pain relief.

Further information can be found on The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy website for different styles of Physiotherapy Treatments.