I went to Una after what my wife calls Scottish man syndrome in that I didn’t admit I needed to go to the doctors/physio for months. I had the same nerve pain in my thigh for 3 months which lead to me not undertaking my usual football and running. I took weeks off and rested but the pain didn’t go away. After unsuccessful appointments at the hospital I eventually took the bull by the horns and looked up First Physio online and booked an appointment with Una. After an initial consultation it only took one more (painful) appointment and I was back to normal. I don’t know what she did but wish I’d looked up her services sooner rather than waiting on an NHS appointment.

I would highly recommend to all aging footballers that wont admit they’re injured.

Thanks again.


I sought help from Una in early 2012 in connection with regular severe migraines which I had suffered for more than 30 years. I have now had five treatment sessions over five months, and in that period have suffered no headaches at all. The treatment has also been generally very helpful in improving relaxation and flexibility in connection with my sports activities.

Thanks again.

Nick Bike Mechanic, Glasgow

My teenage daughter had bad posture due to carrying heavy school bags and slumping over the laptop. After 3 sessions with Una, her posture radically improved, she seemed to gain a few inches and straighten out considerably. I am impressed by the result and the advice given.

Ms Hamilton Teacher

I have seen Una now for 3 sessions to help problems that have developed in my back and shoulders because I am sitting at a desk that is too small for me. What I really like is that she looks at the bigger picture and makes sure my body is aligned properly, before looking at the area that is in pain. I have noticed a significant difference in how I feel and am very happy with the results.

Rich Waight

I used Una’s professional help to resolve a running related injury, a groin strain. Una provided a thorough initial examination before assessing why my injury had occurred. Over further appointments she introduced me to exercises to address the injury which were easy to follow and avoided aggravating my injury. I’m now back on track.

Gerard Scullion Bellahouston Road Runners

After weeks of back spasms, numerous trips to the doctor and increasingly stronger pain killers, I eventually went to Una. I was given a few simple back exercises to do and advice on what I should do if the back spasms returned. Within a few days I was able to go back to the gym and continue my normal routine. I can’t thank Una enough for giving me relief from excruciating pain and allowing me to return to normal activities.

Allan Lawyer, Glasgow

Una is a great support with my walking problems. She is informative and has always been keen to develop stretches and exercise ideas as my confidence improves.

Linda Technician, Glasgow

My regular physiotherapy means I don’t need any pain-killers and my neck and shoulders remain comfortable.

Joyce Housewife, Glasgow

Following major shoulder surgery for a torn pectoral muscle, Una’s professional assessment and thorough treatment regime was a major factor in making a full and complete recovery. Without her experience, patience and dedication I would not have returned to my normal sports activities of swimming, running and golf in such a remarkably short space of time. An excellent service and good fun.

Michael Managing Director, Glasgow

As a result of a problem with my ankle I attended Una who diagnosed a problem with my Achilles tendon she gave me a program of treatment and a specially fitted insole which seems to have resolved the problem

Rory Solicitor, Glasgow

Thanks to Una, I have been pain free for the last three years.I can do all my activities painlessly now.I highly recommend her, which I have done to friends and family.