Back Pain

Back pain is possibly the most common debilitating problem that you can suffer from. Whether you are an office worker who suffers from bad seating posture to a labourer who hurts his back on site. This can make your life miserable.

Most back pain problems that we see are relatively easy to resolve.

The factors that cause the pain are varied but most people describe either a lifting incident or pain suddenly on rising off a chair or an unexplained insidious, gradual onset.

These descriptions help give me an idea of what may have caused the pain and after an examination, we can generally give you a diagnosis and plan of treatment.

Most back pains require the release of stiff joints and muscles.

We here in Glasgow try and do all of this on your first visit and generally this will set the healing process off and negate the need for too many more treatments, which are causing neighbouring structures to become sore. No matter how fit you are we often have to prescribe you with exercises to address muscle imbalances, which are causing or aggravating your condition.

Preventive Measures for Back Pain

A healthy back is a back that is dynamic.

If you sit for long spells, it is essential that you sit upright with the small of your back supported. Also try to get up every 20 minutes to stretch, as this should release the musculo-skeletal structures.

If you require to stand for long spells of time try to avoid holding the same bent forward position for more than a few minutes at a time and shift your weight from right to left. Regular release of the muscles can also assist and may be achieved by straightening up and moving your hips forwards and side to side. Similarly try to avoid bending forwards and twisting e.g. lifting a box or bag into the boot of the car or filling the washing machine with your legs straight. These are very common causes of injury.

Back Pain Case Studies

38-year-old female office worker presented with lower back pain and pins and needles in left leg after skiing holiday and sitting in a plane. Treated by techniques which physiotherapists commonly refer to as muscle energy together with recoil techniques at the first session, returned a week later feeling 80% better advised on stability exercises. Attended only 3 more treatment sessions to address pins and needles. Fourth treatment discharged100% better.

14-year-old boy hurt his back reaching out for ball in game of rugby three weeks previously. He has been unable to play rugby since. Treated again with muscle energy and recoil techniques to pelvis and returned 1 week later having played golf and rugby with no problems.

Back pain is one of the most common problems faced by an average person. It does not really matter what kind of work you do or what kind of lifestyle you have adopted, it can happen to anyone because of the simplest reasons. There are several sports athletes who have severe back pain because the sport requires them to bend, for instance hockey. Some students also suffer from back pains at an early age and it is probably because of the posture while using their computers. Office workers have back pains for the similar reasons. Moreover, people who do manual work also face back pains frequently because of the hard work and the excessive use of the back while doing their job.

Back Pains Treatment in Glasgow

There are many kinds of back pain issues that can be solved easily. Manypeople who go through back pain state that it happens because of lifting something heavy. Some say that back pain happens because of sudden activities such as getting up from a chair in a hurry. Back Pain in Glasgow can be treated and potentially solved if the reason of back pain is clear. The patient has to make it clear what caused the back pain by describing the recent incidents or activities that might have caused it. Recalling the time when the back pain initially started could also be of help. Once the reason is known, a proper examination can be done of the strained muscles which will help in providing a treatment plan that will help in relieving the back pain in Glasgow.

There are several back pain issues that occur because of stiff joint and disturbed muscles. This causes the nearby body parts and muscles to ache. Back pain does not really depend on your fitness and in order to treat it with success some exercises are provided. These exercises will try to create a balance in the muscles and will help in clearing out the pain. By giving us a visit you can get back pain in Glasgow checked and find out some of the healing processes that can be used to make your life easier.

How to prevent back pain living in Glasgow

A healthy back is what everyone aims for since the back is one of the most important parts of the body and helps in proper functioning of the body. If you sit for long hours, it is important that you maintain the right posture by sitting with a straight back. Try to have some sort of support for the back so that it can manage to remain straight without causing pain. If you work at an office and the job requires you to sit at a desk for the whole day, try to take frequent breaks from sitting. Stand up every 30 minutes and stretch a bit to relax your muscles.

Some people tend to stand for long hours. If you are one of those people then try to not stand in a bent position for long time. Stand straight with your shoulders pushed back, and also try to shift the weight of your body from left to right with the help of some movements. Make use of the hips and move them in different positions. Manual work can also cause back pain, especially if you are into lifting things. Before lifting something you should think about the weight that would put on your body. If it is too heavy and big, it is better to avoid lifting it. Only lift an object if you think it is safe for your back. Lifting requires bending down, picking up the weight and then bending down again to place it. This process puts a lot of pressure on your back and will obviously give it a hard time.

Preventing backache is not that big of a challenge if you exercise regularly. The simplest exercise will even strengthen your back. Take a 30 minute walk on a daily basis and walk with a straight back to get used to the straight posture. Swimming and yoga can also be of great help in strengthening your back and preventing the pain.

Back pain in Glasgow can easily be resolved and many people have taken benefit of it. If you go on a holiday and go for skiing, there is a chance that you could end up with back pain if you do not do it correctly. You can get such back pain relieved in less than a month with the help of recoil techniques in a few sessions. By following the suggested exercises and routines you can easily get back to your normal routine and leave the back pain behind you. Back pain is not only common in adults but also in some kids who take part in sports. There are many muscle energy techniques that can be used for kids that will not only ease the back pain but also make the back stronger to prevent future injuries and pains.