Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain is possibly the most common debilitating problem that you can suffer from. Whether you are an office worker who suffers from bad posture to a labourer who has hurt his back on site. It can make your life miserable.

Various factors can cause pain but most people describe either a lifting incident, a sharp pain from an innocuous activity for example rising off a chair or a gradual onset of back pain over a period of time.

These descriptions help us to identify potential explanations for the cause  of  the pain and after an examination, we can generally give you a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Some back pains require the release of stiff joints and muscles.

We try and treat the causes of pain to allow the healing process to start as soon as possible.

Preventive Measures for Back Pain

A healthy back is a back that is dynamic.

If you sit for long spells, it is essential that you sit upright with the small of your back supported. Also try and stretch a often as possible.

If you require to stand for long spells of time, try to avoid holding the same position move about and stretch. Similarly try to avoid bending forwards and twisting e.g., lifting a box or bag into the boot of the car. This is a common cause of injury.

Back Pain Case Studies

38-year-old female office worker presented with lower back pain and pins and needles in her left leg after skiing holiday and sitting on a plane. Treated and returned a week later feeling 80% better and was given additional exercises to improve her core. She required 2 more treatment sessions to address pins and needles. She was discharged after her 4 treatment as she was fully recovered.