Osteoarthritis or O.A. of the knees is a common diagnosis, in fact some say it’s the most common joint problem of all.

If you have been diagnosed with O.A. of the knees, you will probably be experiencing pain and stiffness which is causing you some distress and reducing your activity levels.  you may be finding that activities you used to enjoy are no longer pleasant and you’d rather avoid them.

Unfortunately once you have been told you have arthritis of your knees the information you’re given is generally very unhelpful. You may be told there is nothing that can be done and you just have to accept it or that at some point you will need a knee replacement.


Scientists are working hard to understand what causes O.A. and they are learning so much. They are studying the tissues that make up the joint ie. the cartilage and bone, ligaments tendons ect. and how they change with movement and loading throughout our lives. They are studying joint inflammation, pain, stress, stiffness, diet and the immune system along with lots of other things. They now know so much more about knee O.A. and that there is so much opportunity for improve, even with a diagnosis of arthritis or wear and tear of the knee.

In a nutshell what they have found is that there are lots of different things you can do to reduce pain and get you back to the things you love doing.

What they have found is there are three critical ingredients required for your O.A. to get better :-

  1. ACTIVITY- which makes you stronger, improves balance, reduces inflammation and helps you lose weight among many other effects.
  2. KNOWLEDGE- helps you sort out good and bad advice, gives you confidence and reduces your stress response which helps your inflammation and activity.
  3. INFLAMMATION- Reducing inflammation helps you move better, helps you think and improves your memory, helps you lose weight, makes your whole body healthier, helps your body to adapt and change and helps your knowledge and activity.

For the optimal outcome you need the right amount of each, a bit like in a recipe.

Please don’t wait and worry contact the physios at First Physio Glasgow to make an appointment and start your journey to better knee joints and a return to the life you thought you’d lost!



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